Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Solitaire Fortune

Solitaire Fortune is easy patience game for android. The goal in this game is to move all cards to the foundations at the top. This game is an implementation of the classic solitaire Fortune's Favor. Its easy and most of the times its even not possible to fail. Screenshot of Solitaire Fortune:

You can get Solitaire Fortune for your android device from google play store - Solitaire Fortune. The game is made with JavaScript, Phaser and Cordova. As the cards of this game look better I remade the Spiderette Solitaire with them. Here is the new view of the Spiderette:

You can play online Solitaire Fortune and Tiger Spiderette at QuarkStarGames.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bubble Shoooter Levels - free android game

Bubble Shooter Levels is variation of my other bubble shooter game but with a bit different gameplay. The difficulty of this bubble shooter gradually increases with levels. The goal in this game is the same - shoot bubbles at other bubbles with the same color to remove them. Remove all bubbles to go to the next level and do it fast to get the time bonus. The game is very challenging and fun with many fun features. Here is a screen shot of Bubble Shooter Levels:
bubble shooter levels
You can download this bubble shooter game for free from google play store: Bubble Shooter Levels The game is totally free without in game transactions or other shady stuff. Again its made with HTML5, Phaser game engine and Cordova. You can try and play the game online here - Bubble Shooter HTML5

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bubble Shooter Game Free

Bubble Shooter Classic
My last experiment is a bubble shooter game - BubbleShooter Classic. Its old fashioned bubble shooter game with classic gameplay. If you haven't played bubble shooter games the goal is to shoot bubbles with your mouse or finger and match three or more items with the same color. To win you need to remove all bubbles but the game will become hard and removing all bubbles is not easy.
This Bubble Shooter is made with html5 and can be played on any device with modern browser. You don't need to install it to play it.
If you want to play the game - try it here Bubble Shooter.
You can get a version to play on your android device - Bubble Shooter for android.
If you want to add this game to your website you can use the code bellow to do so:

<iframe src="http://tigerstudiobg.com/onlinegames/bubbleshooter/" name="Bubble Shooter Classic" width="800" height="480" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Remaking one solitaire

I've remake one of my solitaires with new looks and some new features. The game is ThriPeaks Solitaire and you can get it from the Google store - TriPeaks. Here are few screenshots of the new looks and features:

New features:
- Customizable background
- New cards - custom made over some free template
- Hints - possible moves are highlighted so the player can easily choose from them
- Changes in the ui

Monday, September 18, 2017

Spiderette Solitaire

Spiderette is another variation of Spider Solitaire but with one deck of cards. The rules are the same as in Spider but the cards are dealt like in Klondike. The game is a bit harder than Spider.
Again this implementation offers options for 1 suit, 2 suits or classic 4 suit game. The background of the game can be changed and it has the usual useful options - undo, auto move, hints, animations.
Solving the 1 suit game is very easy and fun, solving the others is hard and requires lots of thinking and strategy. I've changed the format of the help in my games as images and visual explanation is better than words in helping new and inexperienced players.
If you like you can download and play Spiderette Solitaire free. The game is made with HTML5, Phaser and Cordova.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tiger Spider Solitaire

Tiger Spider solitaire is easy to learn but hard to master cards game with classic gameplay. Its specially designed with mobile devices at mind and its easy to use with natural touch control. The game is free and available for download on the play store.

Spider Solitaire Goal:
Make sequences of cards from King to Ace in suit on the tableau. Once such sequence is made its automatically moved to the foundations at the top. They are smaller so the player can have more space on the tableau.

Spider Solitaire Rules:
You can place any card on another card that is bigger with one or on an empty space. To move a sequence of cards they must be in a sequence and in the same suit.

Get Tiger Spider Solitaire free.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Work in progress - English Test App

English Tests is my current work in progress - its a light quiz app. Here are some screenshots of it. This time it is not a game and its in the education field as school is coming for the kids. I hope that my app will be useful for people learning English. 
These tests are meant to be fun to solve. I will add a link here as soon as the app is finished and published. Expect Android version and eventually regular Web version of it. Learning apps are my passion since long ago. I often like to test my knowledge in one field or another. Its just another form of fun for me.