Saturday, April 23, 2011

My game War of the Words got 3.47 score on Newgrounds!

Yesterday I’ve submitted one of my games to Newgrounds. Today as I’ve checked my newgrounds profile I was surprised with this:
Pretty amazing because the game is not something special. It’s a simple word game, masked as space shooter. Enemy ships are attacking and you must write the words written on them to destroy them. The game starts slowly just with single letters on small blue ships. Anyone can stop the first few waves, even a kid. Later on the game is getting harder with bigger ships with whole words. Later on these ships begin to spawn interceptors with letters and short words.

War of the Words
 The art of the game is too lame but I am still learning to draw and make game art. I’m getting better with this but War of the Words was one of my earliest attempts.
I was so amazed with the newgrounds result.

A review from some guy with nick yodaman132 says:

The game is good and works like a typing game until the blue guys start dropping their letters and the player starts typing one of the letters that has the same beginning as a blue ship word. For example, one of the letters that I was going to get rid of was the letter 'O', however that was also the same letter beginning as the word 'OGRE' and I got confused as to why the single 'O' didn't disappear. I think that this could be a problem later in the game, though I am unsure as to how to fix this.
Good game otherwise

This was one of my biggest problems with this game. I’ve seen many word games where you don’t know what you are typing in the current moment and many words on the screen start with the same letter. I tried to minimize this but when there are too much words on the screen its getting almost impossible. Now I’ll have different approach but at the moment of writing the game I was still learning so there are situations in which you will have more than one word with the same letter on the screen. I’ve tried to make it easier for the players with a box where I write the selected word. I’m not sure how many of the players actually use it or even know about it even if its right before them.

Play War of the Words on Newgrounds
Play War of the Words on QuarkStarGames

Edit: The game is still going up! Now 3.52
I don't know what to say because I have better games on NG and they got very poor scores.
Finally I found what the award is. Daily 5th Place – 04/23/2011

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