Saturday, June 11, 2011

New game - Hell Storm

Hell Storm is our latest game – it’s a shoot’em up game inspired by some retro games (guess which). The game has four different missions and several nasty bosses.

At the beginning of each game the player must choose a fighter – all fighters have different specifications – some has more attack powers, others are faster and so on. My personal favorite is F25 Black Raptor.
Actually the names of our planes are little mock up with the real fighters. So we have future fighting machines like Su 47 Chernyi Orel and so on.

The enemies drop several different bonuses – fire upgrade, missiles, more fire upgrades, repair kits and so on. As a developer I had most fun with the missiles, in fact I had so much fun that I made the final boss to use missiles, too! Cool, isn’t it? Don’t hate me too much if the alien boss kills you, the level is passable and not to hard so keep trying. ;)

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