Friday, August 19, 2011

List of tutorials for beginner game developers - Flash and ActionScript

Here is a list of good Flash and ActionScript tutorials for game makers. If you want to learn more about how to make flash games consider reading them all.

Avoider Game Tutorial
Really good and detailed game tutorial.

Flash game creation tutorial
Another good and long game tutorial.

Tile Based Games
If you are serious on making games read this one too.

Make a Flash game like Flash Element Tower Defense
Good tower defense game tutorial.

How to create Tower Defense in ActionScript 3
Great tutorial!

How to make a vertical shooter
Detailed and useful tutorial on making a shooter game.

How to create a Platform Game in AS3
If you want to make platform game read this one.

Build Tower Defense in ActionScript2
Its better to use ActionScript 3 but you can always get the idea and make the changes.

Complete Bejeweled Game
How to make Bejeweled-like games - the tutorial is very detailed and not too hard.

Jigsaw Game tutorial

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  1. Hi, the link to "How to make a Snake Game in Flash with ActionScript 3" looks dead.