Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flash games - how to monetize them?

How to make money from flash games?
I can talk a lot about this question but I’ll try to make it short and clear.

There are several ways to make money from a flash game. And most of them can be combined for better profit.

First and most popular - flash game sponsoring.
How it works?
Basically a sponsor pays you a certain amount of money to place his logo, splash screen and eventually API into your game, then the game is released on his site. More about flash game sponsoring you can learn here -

Other way to make money from your flash games are in-game ads. The most popular networks for in-game ads are CPM Star and MochiMedia.

Third method - selling in-game items and upgrades. I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t tell details about it but my opinion is that this way works better on mmo and social games.

Forth method - self sponsoring. Its the same as sponsoring but you advertise you own game portal and make money through it. This gives you some more freedom but its also a bit risky. Anyway if you can’t find sponsor for your game you can always self-sponsor it .

FlashGameLicense - you can find sponsor here or learn more about game sponsoring.
MochiMedia - ads, in-game transactions, leaderboard API and good distribution
CPMStar - in-game ads
Playtomic - analytics, leaderboards, distribution
FlashGameDistribution - distribution
HeyZap - game transactions, distribution


  1. Addition - Non exclusive license: Selling non exclusive license is a good way to make extra money from your game. The version you sell with non exclusive license is a site lock version of the game, this means that the game will work only in the sponsor´s portal, but it will not work in any other portal. Generally this kind of license are cheaper than primary sponsorship as the sponsor does not have the possibility of spreading the game all over the internet with his logo. You can not put ads into the game but you can sell non exclusive licenses to many sponsors, wich is a great thing to increase revenues.

  2. I'd love to be able to make Flash games for a living. But the way things are right now, only the biggest success stories are able to sustain themselves on Flash alone. The rest of us must approach Flash game development as a hobby, on the side of school or work.