Friday, December 23, 2011

A Story

I've made a game from my latest experiments with flixel. Flixel is really cool game library that I like more and more.
 After reading the post on mochi blog about making a retro plartformer with flixel I got inspired and now this is the result.
 The art isn't much but hey, don't expect cool art from a developer.
You can try the game on kongamato - A Story.
There are seven different levels made with Dame - by the way Dame is really cool editor once you learn to use it. You can get Dame free from its official site and yea, the site is awful and my head hurts after a minute there. Till now I used Tile Studio by Mike Wiering. Actually the tiles in A Story a made with it but now I use Dame to make maps because its easier to integrate with flixel.
So the game has 7 levels - 4 with this grass land as you can see on the screenshot and 3 with lava tiles and theme. I get bored too fast when I make art or maps. I prefer to work on another game so this is a reason that I have hundreds of unfinished games.

Get A Story free for your website:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Experiments with Flixel

After reading an interesting article at Mochimedia Blog I got interested in Flixel. It's an open source game making library for flash, you can see more at its site:

Here is an early version of my next idea - its a retro game of course.