Sunday, January 13, 2013

Strange Inspiration

For some time I have this idea - a platformer with flixel. Flixel is really cool game library for flash with lots of cool features (and some small things that I don't like but overall very useful library). So I've started a platformer and here right at the start I met an obstacle. And its a big one. I am not good at drawing. Of course I can buy art or find some free stuff but its not fun like this. I want to do it myself. And I want it to be pixel art. But my pixel art is ugly, I am a developer, not an artist and my knowledge about art is mostly theoretical. (I've read every f**** pixel art tutorial that I've found)
So then I thought - why not an ugly game? With constantly complaining character? I like the idea of game character that don't like the game and so on. Sounds cool, right?
So i decided I'll use 8x8 sprites and I'll make them. Actually they are not that ugly that I thought they would be but anyway they fit the idea.

1 comment :

  1. The game is reminiscent of the old Mario and Zelda games. I have never heard of flixel before, its remarkable what you can find nowadays. I think that when you look beyond the exterior of a game it is about its functionality and whether it is actually playable or not. I for one think that your game looks good, cool concept.