Monday, August 22, 2016

Godot game engine - looks amazing and its free

Godot is free and open-source 2D and 3D game engine. The cool part with it is that you can make games for pc, console, mobile and web and although for web its not that amazing as it makes the game a bit bigger than appropriate(its small but you can't sell html5 game bigger than 5mb-10mb easily) its very cool platform for developing mobile and pc games.

I was searching for a tool for building 3D games for android and I made a simple list:

  • Godot
  • Libgdx
  • Unity
Libgdx and Unity are pretty cool too, but Godot was a challenge and it looks somewhat interesting so I decided to give it a chance - make one small game and test the performance. 

The other fun reason Godot looks so cool is that it does not require instalation - it comes as a single exe and you run your development environment from it. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Midnight solitaire for android

Midnight is relatively easy solitaire similar to Yukon. Its easy to learn and fun to play. The game has many popular features including unlimited undo button and persistent state - you can close the app and open again the same game later. The game has no ads and will stay ads free at least until it gets more than 10 000 downloads - something impossible at least for now.
As my other solitaires its made with HTML5 and cordova. I prefer this combination for simple puzzle and cards games as the development is easier and faster.
You can get Midnight Solitaire from the play store - Midnight Solitaire


Monday, July 25, 2016

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion solitaire is the next classic solitaire for Android and HTML5. It is played with standard deck of 54 cards but in my variation of the game you can play with one suit, two suit or four suit. One suit as always is the easiest and you can solve it almost any time.
The game has unlimited undos so if there is a problem you can hit undo until you want. Its fun solitaire similar to spider but you can move any open card and all the cards on top of it regardless suit or number.

The game saves its state and you can close and open the game with your game saved. There are also a bunch of nice colorful images and cats and other animals as backgrounds if you prefer them while playing. And the most important part - its free.
You can get Scorpion Solitaire for free from the play store - Scorpion Solitaire.
HTML5 version of this solitaire will be available a bit later at

Again the game is made with HTML5, Phaser and Cordova.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Working on tower defense

I had the logic of this tower defense done for several years now. Recently I've decided to clear all unfinished games and this one is the first. Its tower defense game with abstract programmer's art(very ugly art) - vector shapes running around. The enemies are triangles, squares, circles and stars and the turrets are a bit more complicated.
There are only four levels for now although its easy to add more levels. The enemies are pre-planned, now I would use a function to generate enemies but I've decided to use as much of the old logic as I can.

Currently the game is up for bidding at fgl(flashgamelicense) but I don't expect much as its not well polished game.

Edit: The game is now available here - Control Center TD.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spider Solitaire Relax for Android

Yet another solitaire in my solitaire relax series - Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular solitaire games - with one suit its relatively easy but with four suits its almost impossible for me. The spider as a background can be changed to something else so don't feel threatened - I hate spiders but I can't harm them and they are living peacefully at home. We have one big spider in our bathroom and her name is Penka - she is my inspiration for the Spider and Spiderette solitaires.

You can get Spider Solitaire Relax from the android play store - Spider Solitaire 

HTML5 version will be available in few days at this site for mobile browser games.

Edit: HTML5 version is ready, you can play it here Spider Solitaire.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Spiderette Solitaire for android phones and tablets

Finally, I finished this solitaire. Spiderette solitaire is fun variation of Spider solitaire with klondike-like settings. With one suit its pretty easy but with 4 suit its almost unsolvable or at least for me.
The rules are the same as Spider - you build down in suit from king to ace to remove this sequence.
The game is made with html5 and phaser and then packed with cordova for android.

You can get this game for android from google play store - Spiderette Solitaire Relax

Here you can play html5 version of Spiderette Solitaire Relax.

And finally I had some free time and finished the flash version of the game - its a bit different of the other versions - you can play Flash Spiderette Solitaire at


Saturday, June 25, 2016

FreeCell Solitaire for android and working on Spiderette

FreeCell is the second most popular solitaire game right after the famous Klondike Solitaire. Working on it was quite fun as its advertised as easy and usually solvable but I am not good at playing this solitaire exactly so testing it was good practice for me. The rules are simple, this solitaire is played with standard deck of fifty two cards. Your goal is to move all cards at the foundations. The unusual part are the four storage sells at the top - you can move any card here temporary.
My variation - FreeCell Solitaire Relax don't have a timer as I think solitaires are played for the fun of it, not because of scoring. So here is the relax part. Nothing is ticking on your nose making you hurry, solve it and so on.
As the other of my solitaires - this one is made with HTML5, Phaser and Cordova. Its very good combination as I get version for web and version for android with one code. You can get FreeCell Solitaire Relax from the play store.

Now I work on another solitaire as this is fun to do - Spiderette Solitaire. Its another amazing solitaire that I like to play.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Klondike and Alaska Solitaires for android

Klondike Solitaire is one of the most played solitaire games at all time. Its easy to solve and great way to spend some time waiting or relaxing with your phone. As a solitaire maniac I had to make my version of it. Also as I like cats I had to add many cat photos as backgrounds, so the players can enjoy it even more.

Here you can get Klondike Solitaire Relax for Android.

And here you can play HTML5 version of the game - Klondike HTML5.

The game is made with HTML5, Phaser and Cordova. This is going to be my favorite combination for simple, 2D android and not only android games. Working with phaser is easy and then exporting it to android is not something complex, overall project time is really short.

Also it has some nice features making animations like this really easy. I choose this one as the win animation but its a bit heavy on mobile so the mobile version is a bit edited and with less cards moving around.

  Alaska Solitaire is another of my favorite solitaires but its actually pretty hard to solve. It was very hard to test the win screen. If you like to challenge yourself here is a link to get it from the play store.

Alaska Solitaire Relax on play store

HTML5 version will be available in few days.

What are “unblock games”?

There are different types of games that are available online. Unblocked games are one of those. These games are very popular among the people and there are many people who are playing these games all over the internet. The popularity of these games is increasing every day. Unblock games are one of those video games that help users to play the unblock games online. There are different online sites that can help you get the games. These sites are very important for online downloads and are available for the registered users, but there are many online sites that are very successful platform in the world that provides these codes. There are many finest sites that provide games to the users and have been very popular among the players all over the world. Some of the highlights of these sites –
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 Bubble Trouble
 Vex
 Bloxorz
 Girp
 Angry Birds

Bus games

Online games are one of the most important entertainment in this 21st century. Everyone is aware of online games. The classification of games ranges from educational to adventurous. The game may be designed by using a 2- dimensional or 3- dimensional technique. The scores, the difficulty and the experience make the games more interesting. Bus games are one such type of interesting game with the real time environment that everyone can play. It has different category in it ranging from racing to parking.
Bus is the major mode transportation. Bus is the common mode of transportation by roadways. There are different types of bus used for different purpose. There are different types of bus games under different categories, such as parking, racing and driving. As the bus is a vehicle that travels on the road, it is the major environment used it the game.
Bus parking games:
Even though one can drive a bus parking needs some special attention. One should consider the surroundings and all other vehicles and the parking lot to park the bus. The player should be careful and should not cause any accidents while parking. Timer used in the parking game will parking becomes thrilling. The player has to park the bus within the time specified. When the player clears one level, he will be provided with scores or stars. Upon clearing one level, he may play the next level where the difficulty will be increased with the help of the timer or the obstacles. It is mostly a single player game. Parking games mainly improve the concentration level of the player. The different types of parking games are

  • Bus parking.
  • School bus parking.
  • Airport parking
Bus racing games:
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

New android game - JelloBlocks

JelloBlocks is fun puzzle collapse game with some jelly blocks. Also specials and bombs. Players can choose to play five different game types - EasyJelly, JellyColors, EasyCollapse, Collapse and Relax.
The game is made with html5 and cordova. Simple html5 version of the game will appear later today on the game site -
The art is not something complex as currently I prefer to play with coding. I have this big problem - how to develop my android games. I have three options and all of them has good and bad parts. First - just java and nothing more. Handling all issues by hand. Its a bit slow but it offers full control. Second - libgdx. Great for 3d games and I intend to work with 3d from now on. And third - html5 and cordova. So at the end I have html5 version to publish on web and android version of app store. I can't choose and I spent a lot of time wondering.
Anyway, here is JelloBlocks link at the app store - Please try and rate my app.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Android Math Game for Kids

Math is Easy is simple android math game for kids.
As all of my educational games this one will be free and won't have ads.
You can get it from the app store - Math Is Easy.

The game is about solving very simple problems with plus and minus. It has two difficulty options - easy for single digit operations and hard for addiction and subtraction of two digit numbers.

The game doesn't ask for any permissions as it is not using anything outside of it.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Get The Stars now for android

Join the small fairy and collect stars in this exciting little game. The game has easy controls and gameplay.
The good part is that its the same old html5 game with cordova around it. And I am using my favorite Phaser to make it. There are some tricks and tweaks to make everything work with cordova on android but after several days I think I grasped all details.
The most annoying problem with Phaser-Cordova game on android is the audio. Actually its a simple matter but there is not clear information or error messages so developers are left to struggle with this. Anyway, this post here is for my new, amazing android game - Get the Stars.
You can get it from the app store.
Please comment and rate my app.