Friday, February 12, 2016

Android Math Game for Kids

Math is Easy is simple android math game for kids.
As all of my educational games this one will be free and won't have ads.
You can get it from the app store - Math Is Easy.

The game is about solving very simple problems with plus and minus. It has two difficulty options - easy for single digit operations and hard for addiction and subtraction of two digit numbers.

The game doesn't ask for any permissions as it is not using anything outside of it.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Get The Stars now for android

Join the small fairy and collect stars in this exciting little game. The game has easy controls and gameplay.
The good part is that its the same old html5 game with cordova around it. And I am using my favorite Phaser to make it. There are some tricks and tweaks to make everything work with cordova on android but after several days I think I grasped all details.
The most annoying problem with Phaser-Cordova game on android is the audio. Actually its a simple matter but there is not clear information or error messages so developers are left to struggle with this. Anyway, this post here is for my new, amazing android game - Get the Stars.
You can get it from the app store.
Please comment and rate my app.