Sunday, April 24, 2016

New android game - JelloBlocks

JelloBlocks is fun puzzle collapse game with some jelly blocks. Also specials and bombs. Players can choose to play five different game types - EasyJelly, JellyColors, EasyCollapse, Collapse and Relax.
The game is made with html5 and cordova. Simple html5 version of the game will appear later today on the game site -
The art is not something complex as currently I prefer to play with coding. I have this big problem - how to develop my android games. I have three options and all of them has good and bad parts. First - just java and nothing more. Handling all issues by hand. Its a bit slow but it offers full control. Second - libgdx. Great for 3d games and I intend to work with 3d from now on. And third - html5 and cordova. So at the end I have html5 version to publish on web and android version of app store. I can't choose and I spent a lot of time wondering.
Anyway, here is JelloBlocks link at the app store - Please try and rate my app.