Saturday, June 25, 2016

FreeCell Solitaire for android and working on Spiderette

FreeCell is the second most popular solitaire game right after the famous Klondike Solitaire. Working on it was quite fun as its advertised as easy and usually solvable but I am not good at playing this solitaire exactly so testing it was good practice for me. The rules are simple, this solitaire is played with standard deck of fifty two cards. Your goal is to move all cards at the foundations. The unusual part are the four storage sells at the top - you can move any card here temporary.
My variation - FreeCell Solitaire Relax don't have a timer as I think solitaires are played for the fun of it, not because of scoring. So here is the relax part. Nothing is ticking on your nose making you hurry, solve it and so on.
As the other of my solitaires - this one is made with HTML5, Phaser and Cordova. Its very good combination as I get version for web and version for android with one code. You can get FreeCell Solitaire Relax from the play store.

Now I work on another solitaire as this is fun to do - Spiderette Solitaire. Its another amazing solitaire that I like to play.

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