Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Word Search game for Android

Word Search is one of the latest game I made with html5 and cordova. Its published on Android Store here - Word Search.
Word Search game

Its nice little word game where you have to discover and mark words. The levels are made with different topics - fantasy creatures, vehicles, sports, martial arts, biology and more. There are 18 levels as of now and I plan to expand it a bit more.

The game offers hints and scores and several hours mind challenge. The levels are dynamic and you can play them several times with different settings.
If you don't like to play the levels you can select the option of fast game and you will play one separate round with random words.

Word Search is developed with my favorite Phaser game engine and then its packed with Cordova for Android. In few weeks it will be available for playing as a html5 game without installation on another site and I will add a link to it here.

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